Global & Local Brainpark Inc. started its business in 2008
as a consulting firm specialized in advising on regional policies, planning and
operating both domestic and overseas education and training programs especially for
governmental officials with the aim of developing and
strengthening their competitiveness.
We believe that education changes people, people change politics and policies, and politics and
policies change the world. We make every effort to develop creative educational programs and
policy roadmap for practical application. In addition, we develop customized programs and person-
alized service for our clients. Finally, we propose solutions to superficial education and policy
reports without substance.
Main Activities
Policy Research and Consulting for Local Government and
Governmental Organizations
Operation of Domestic Education and Training Programs for
Local Government and Governmental Organizations
Operation of Overseas Education and Training Programs, and
Business Trips for Governmental Officials, Researchers,
Corporate Professionals and Experts from Various Fields by
Visiting Relevant Organizations All Over the World
(Mainly in Europe and North America)
Global & Local Brainpark Inc.
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